Cremation jewelry

Cremation jewelry is, simply put, jewelry that contains some of the cremated ashes of a deceased family member or loved ones. Cremation jewelry has many names and comes and a variety of forms, but no matter the words used, cremation jewelry is among the newest and most popular ways to memorialize loved ones. Cremation jewelry is the latest in a line of memorial traditions that societies have followed since the dawn of mankind. For centuries, there has been a desire to remember, to memorialize, loved ones and members of ones tribe, village, region or country, and cremation jewelry is an easy and a personal way for modern families to do that. Cremation jewelry is, like the remaining treasures of antiquity, meant to memorialize loved ones for eternity. Cremation jewelry is a modern take on cremation, an old practice, dating back to the days of the Vikings, the ancient Hindi societies and others who cremated (and still do cremate) their honored dead. Cremation jewelry and other cremation keepsakes mirror a change in society. Cremation is no longer reserved just for the famous and powerful in a society, and cremation jewelry has played a role in that transformation. With the rise in popularity of cremation, cremation jewelry has become an important aspect of the memorial industry. Traditionally, cremation memorials were simple vase-like pieces of pottery in which a cremated persons ashes were stored and displayed for generations. Such traditional cremation memorials are still common, but cremation jewelry is an important new compliment to these memorials. Families will often store most of the loved ones ashes in a more traditional memorial, such as an urn, but then use cremation jewelry to share the remainder of the ashes among far flung relatives. Cremation jewelry, filled with tiny portions of a loved-ones ashes assures that family memories will always be nearby for those wanting to preserve them. can provide access to thousands of those jewelry pieces in many styles and shapes. Todays cremation jewelry is available in many styles and materials, and may serve many purposes. It is as unique as the people it memorializes. Cremation jewelry comes in the form of attractive, pendants, bracelets and other items that have a small container in which a portion of the cremated ashes can be kept. This is a unique keepsake for those who would like to keep part of their loved ones close in a physical way. Most cremation jewelry is designed to be worn, but several nice home display options are available. Cremation jewelry pieces can be hung beautifully in special dome display cases made of glass, and nearly all cremation jewelry comes with a beautiful storage box in which it can be stored and displayed when not being worn. The memory of your passed loved one will be forever strong while you have your cremation jewelry. Along with other memorial items, cremation jewelry is an attractive and respectful way to memorialize your loved ones.